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            Pertinent Information

  • Hourly Rate $50

  • Good Fit Policy Honored

  • Cancellation Policy 24 hrs.


  • Background Check passed 10/5/22


*Appointments can be built around your schedule since I am here for your growth.

*You can pay as you go.

No package is required.

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Biographical Profile

Having been in nursing for over 20 years, I value education; I earned my Doctor of Nursing Practice degree from Walden University. My doctoral published scholarly work is entitled, Implementation of a Standardized Approach to Diabetes Education. I have a Master of Science in Nursing degree from Florida A&M University. My thesis is entitled Lived Experience of Elderly African American Women With Type 2 Diabetes. I have a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree from Florida State University and an Associate of Arts degree from Chipola Jr. College. 


Whether you are a science, biology, or nursing major, completing your degree can sometimes take time to fulfill the required prerequisites. I want to support you in reaching your goals. In doing so, I approach the subject content by breaking it down into simple terms that would be easier to comprehend. I care, and I believe in being patient. 


Over the years, I had several professors impact my life in such a profound way. They encouraged me, guided me, and challenged my critical thinking skills. In this role, I may continue to give back to the field of science and the discipline of nursing. I aim to enhance each student's tutoring experience to help them reach their goals.


My approach to addressing your needs is conducting an initial needs assessment which helps to identify areas of concern. We create an outline based on the needs assessment findings upon mutual agreement. I teach directly from the outline. I provide learning resources to assist in the learning experience. 


Feel free to complete the contact information regarding scheduling a lesson to address your learning needs and goals. You Can Do It! 

Dr. Stacey P.

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